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Welcome to the Dynetix Design Solutions Inc. Please contact us for further information of our company and products.

Our Mission

Create a world class company to champion innovation and cutting-edge mobile apps and IC design solutions and products to aid customers success.

Company Profile

We specializes in the development of advanced mobile apps for IOS and Android devices, as well as state-of-the-art design verification tools to solve the most challenging design issues for deep submicron SoC, ASIC, FPGA , VIP and custom IC products.


Our products, V2SimTM ( US 6,466,898, CA 2,397,302) and  RaceCheckTM (US 7,344,203, US 7,751,191, US 6,466,898) are the industrial-first  32/64-bit design verification tools that seamlessly verifies deep submicron IC designs coded in any combination of VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog, SystemC and PSL languages.  Their patented technologies significantly aid customers time-to-market and improve products quality.

Our new products are mobile apps: (a) Dynetix Fitness helps users improve their health and fitness by turning their iPhone and Apple Watch (if available) into the most powerful and comprehensive fitness tracking devices. The app provides powerful analytical reports  and charts to aids users keep track of their health/fitness progress over time. (b) 888 Financial Calc  provides advanced financial and statistics calculations to aid users in financial/retirement planning and statistics analysis. (c) MemPal is a game app that is super fun to play and can help improving your memory. (d) Lord's Verses is a religious app that shows you inspirational Bible verses on beautify background images. The app supplements your Bible study and enlightens you. (e) PixMaestro is a power photo editing app that allows you to create great looking and memorable new pictures. 



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