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Our currently released products are:


An industrial-first multithreaded, 64-bit, single kernel HDL/ESL simulator, with speedup of 10x or more over legacy HDL simulators on advanced multi-core computers. Based on US 6,466,898 and  CA 2,397,302 cutting-edge technologies.


An industrial-first 64-bit race logic analyzer, complements V2SimTM to aid users achieve 100% functional coverage of their deep submicron IC test suites. Based on US 7,344,203 and US 7,751,191 advanced technologies.

888 Financial Calc 

Performs financial and statistics calculations, real time currency conversions , unit conversions and world clock. Run on Apple and Android devices.

Dynetix Fitness

Turn your iPhone and Apple Watch (if available) into the most powerful fitness tracker and wearable, respectively. Also provides comprehensive analytics reports and charts to aid users monitoring their fitness progress. 


A  game app for IOS and Android users. The app is super fun to play and can help improving your short-term memory. Featuring lots of customizable options and a Leaderboard for users to send/receive challenges with friends.

Lord's Verses

A  religious app for IOS and Android users. The app shows you inspirational Bible verses to supplement your daily bible study and to enlighten you. You may add your favorite bible verses to the app.


A  powerful photo editing app for IOS users. The app allows you create great new pictures from your current photos. You may also add text labels and interesting stickers to embellish your new pictures.


A  new kind of Sudoku game app. You may play Sudoku games using numbers, figures or letters. There are various game levels to challenge your logic and analytic skills.


An unique app to keep track of all the details of users' road trips. Users may use the app to  record their memorable vacations, or to file expense reports to their employers. 


A super accurate app to keep track of  your parked car's location, and to aid you find your car later on. Furthermore, the app can remind you of your parking meter expiration, so as to save you time and avoid parking fine. 







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