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A GPS-based app to track all the details of your road trips. It features are:

  •  Uses GPS to keep track of your trip mileage, total travel time, speed range, average speed, and the number of stops.
  •  You may add pictures to the trip session. The pictures can be purchase receipts or sightseeing photos. Also, in case of accident, you may take pictures of cars involved in the accident, and send all the session data to your insurance company to file a claim.
  •  You may send your trip session data, along with any pictures to your friends, insurance company, employer (for expense reimbursement). The pictures can be sent in either JPEG or PDF format.
  •  The app keeps a list of your saved sessions. You may view, delete or email any session at any time.

Key Benefits

  •  An unique app to keep track of all your road trips' data.
  •  It facilitates you to file an expense report to your employer.
  •  It facilitates you to file an insurance claim in case of a car accident.
  •  It facilitates you to keep a detailed record of your vacation trip. 

Supported Platforms