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888 Financial Calc



888 Financial Calc Product Features 

  • A mobile App that provides financial and statistics calculation for financial planning and estimation.
  • Financial calculation features: mortgage payments, loan payments, compound interest investment, retirement planning, net present value/internal rate of return, time value of money, depreciation calculation and equipment lease.
  • Statistics calculation features: standard deviation (population and sample), medium, mean, weighted mean and linear estimation.
  • Real-time currency converter and user-defined currency exchange tracking list.
  • World clock - user-defined list of clocks for different time zones to track.
  • Auto loan and credit card payment calculators.
  • Other useful calculation features: tip calculator, unit conversion.

Key Benefits

  • Provides all key financial planning and calculation capabilities.
  • Provides commonly use statistics calculation capabilities.
  • Provides useful units conversion functions: metric measurement (inch to/from meter), liquid (gallon to/from liter), temperature (Celsius to/from Fahrenheit) and weight (pound to/from kilogram).
  • Real-time currency exchange calculation and world clock aid international business transactions and planning.
  • Aids computing of auto loan and credit card payments. Also sales tax/tip calculation is useful for daily purchases.

Supported Platforms