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Dynetix Fitness



The most powerful and comprehensive fitness app that helps improving your health and fitness.

  • The app is the most powerful and comprehensive fitness tracking tool for your walking, jogging, running and cycling workouts.
  • The app not only tracks your real time fitness data, but it also tracks your fitness progress over times with comprehensive analytical reports and charts.
  • You can specify progressive fitness goals (e.g., run 2 miles, burn 300 calories) for your workouts . The app will alert you when each goal is met during your exercises.
  • The app provides a voice coach that can analyze your workout results and gives you improvement suggestions for your next workout.
  • The app provides motivational music to make your workout more pleasant. You may setup your custom music playlist that includes your own songs.
  • You may send your workout achievements directly from this app to your friends via messages or emails.
  • You may post your best workout results to the Dynetix Fitness Leaderboard, so as to compete with and motivate yourself and others to exercise at a higher level.
  • Can send you scheduled reminders to workout.
  • The iPhone app and Apple Watch app are independent apps. You get two  powerful fitness trackers for the price of one.
  • The optional GPS routes not only record your exercise paths, but they also depict the locations where fitness goals were met, and they use different colors to annotate your varying run/walk paces.
  • The Apple Watch app accepts your voice inputs to define fitness goals and start fitness tracking.
  • Your saved workout results are automatically shared between your iPhone and Apple Watch, and are saved to your iCloud account. You may view your results on all iPhones/Apple Watches that you owned.
  • You may use the Apple Watch app as a heart rate monitor, which will alert you during your exercises or daily activities, whenever your heart rate matches or exceeds a limit that you set.

Key Benefits

  • The app helps improving your health and fitness.
  •  You get two powerful and comprehensive fitness trackers (on iPhone and Apple Watch) for the price of one.
  • The Apple Watch app provides more features than all other fitness tracking wearable on the market.
  • The app provides detailed analytic reports, charts and voice coach to aid you monitor and improve your health/fitness.
  • You may send you fitness results to your friends via messages/emails, so as to share your achievements with them.
  • Free access to the Dynetix Fitness Leaderboard. You may post your best results to the leader board to motivate yourself and other users.
  • You may play/pause/resume/stop motivational music. which including your own songs, to make your workouts more enjoyable.
  • You may personalized the app using the provided configurable options (such as tracking flights climbed, flights descending or both, and track either steps taken or cadence of your workout, add your own songs to the music playlist).
  • Goal-oriented app to render your workouts more productive, systematic and pleasant. 

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