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Precision car locator

  •  Uses GPS to keep track of your car parking location.
  •  You may  take pictures of your parked car surrounding and a note to aid you finding your car later.
  •  You may record your parking meter expiration time, and the app will send you notifications when your   meter is about to expire and has expired.
  •  When you want to find your car, the app will use GPS and map to guide you back to you parked car.
  • You may record as many parked car locations as you like.
  • Super easy to use and highly accurate.

Key Benefits

  •  Ensure you can always find you parked car in any crowded parking lots.
  •  Save you time and give you piece of mind in getting back to your car.
  •  Save you money  from having to pay parking meter fines.

Supported Platforms