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A super fun game app that can help improving your memory.

  • A game app that is super fun to play and can help improving your memory.
  • The app provides sixteen game levels, where the difficulty of the games increases as you go up to higher game levels.
  • The app provides six types of play mode: standard, random, brick, challenge, match duo and match duo plus. These keep the games refreshing and challenging.
  • The app is integrated with the Apple Game Center (Apple devices) and the Google Play Games (Android devices). Users may post their best scores to the MemPal Leaderboard, and view other players' scores. Moreover, on Apple devices users may challenge their Game Center friends to beat their scores, and view challenges posted to them by their friends.
  • Users may add their own photos as customer figures in MemPal games.
  • There are sound effects to track users' every correct and wrong move in each game.
  • The app displays a different background images for each new game to render the app more fun to play.
  • Users may play motivational music to make playing games more pleasant. They may even setup their custom music playlist that includes their own music.
  • The app is designed for all ages, and supports all models of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones and tablets.

Key Benefits

  • The app helps improving your memory and vision.
  • The app is easy to understand and super fun to play.
  • You may challenge yourself and your friends for the best score on the MemPal Leaderboard.
  • You may personalize the games by adding your own photos as custom figures.
  • You may setup your own music playlist to enhance your game playing experience.
  • Customizable options (e.g., turn on/off sound effects, change number of games per level to play, add your own songs to the music playlist) to make the games more interesting.

Supported Platforms