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A New Kind of Sudoku Game

  •  Classic Sudoku games with new twists.
  •  You may play Sudoku games using nunbers (1-9), interesting figures or letters (A-Z).
  •  There are various levels of difficulty to challenage your logic and analytic skills.
  •  The app keeps track of your best past results for each game level, and shows that with your latest results to aid improving your game solving skills.
  • The app will check and flag incorrect selections you make to maximize your chance to complete each game.
  • You may choose to have a time limit or no time limt set for each game. This allow you to customize the challenge level of the app.
  • Sound effects are used to make games more interesting and responsive. You may turn-on/off sound effects as you like.

Key Benefits

  •  Challenge your logic and analytics skills.
  •  Highly entertaining and each game is unique to keep you engage.
  •  Choose the game style (numbers, figures or letters) you like, and switch amnong them whenever you want.

Supported Platforms