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MemPal Pro



A super fun game app that can help improving your memory.

  • A game app that is super fun to play and can help improving your memory.
  • The app provides sixteen game levels, where the difficulty of the games increases as you go up to higher game levels.
  • The app provides six types of play mode: standard, random, brick and challenge, match duo and match duo plus. These keep the games refreshing and challenging.
  • There are sound effects to track users' every correct and wrong move in each game.
  • The app is designed for all ages, and supports the Apple Vision Pro headset.

Key Benefits

  • The app helps improving your short-term mmemory and vision.
  • The app is easy to understand and super fun to play.
  • The app provides sixteen game levels to challenge your brain.
  • Customizable options (e.g., turn on/off sound effects and change number of games per level to play) render the games more interesting.

Supported Platforms