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Dynetix Chat



Fun, Secure and Easy-to-Use Group Video Chat App

  •  Aid users performing live video and audio chat over the Internet.
  •  Work across IOS and Android phones and tablets.
  •  No time limit on each chat session.
  •  Support up to five people in a chat room
  •  Chat room is secured by a security code as defined by users.
  •  Various display formats to show the live video streams of users.
  •  Users may mute their local microphone and/or camera for privacy.
  •  Users may send/receive text messages to/from peers in chat room.
  •  Users may switch between front and back camera in live streaming local image.
  •  Users are notified when peers enter and leave chat room.
  •  Provides Apple Sign-In and in-app subscription purchase on IOS platform.

Key Benefits

  •  Allow you to chat with friends from around the world.
  •  Work across IOS and Android phones and tablets.
  •  Each room is secured. No uninvited guest may intrude chat rooms.
  •  No time limit on the chat session. Talk as long as you like.
  •  Various display options for privacy and user friendliness.

Supported Platforms