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A powerful  picture editing app that enable you to create great new pictures.

  • A picture editing app that allows you to combine one or more pictures, stickers, and labels to create great looking new pictures.
  • You may choose pictures from your device's photo albums or taken instantly via your device camera.
  • You may scale and rotate any sub-photos  that you add to your new pictures.
  • You may change the font color, style and scale of any text labels that you add to your new pictures.
  • You may scale any app-supplied stickers that you select and place them anywhere in your new pictures.
  • You may set the border color and border width of sub-photos that you add to new pictures.
  • You may send your new pictures to your friends via emails or messages, or print them via your printer. 
  • You may save and restore any photo editing sessions.

Key Benefits

  • An all-in-one app allows you to create great new pictures from other other pictures, labels and/or stickers.
  • You may save you photo editing sessions, so that you may resume working or further enhancing them later on.
  • You may share your new pictures with friends via emails or messages. Also, you may print your new pictures with your printer. 
  • A great app for you to make your existing photos more memorable, or to add remarks for your cherished photos.

Supported Platforms