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Please contact Dynetix Design Solutions if you would like to request a free 7-day evaluation of  V2SimTM or RaceCheckTM on the Linux platform.

Please read and agree to comply with the Dynetix software product license agreement prior to submitting an evaluation request.

Please visit Apple Inc's App Store to download the IOS version of 888 Financial Calc, Dynetix Fitness, MemPalLord's Verses, PixMaestro. KarLocator and AutoTrek, or the Google Play Store to download the Android version of 888 Financial Calc Pro, Lord's Verses, MemPal and AutoTrek.

To Evaluate V2SimTM and RaceCheckTM

  • Please email us to request an evaluation license and product binary download instruction. Your email should include your name, job title, company name, email address, phone number and your Linux computer MAC address.
  • By submitting your request, you acknowledge that you have read and will comply with the Dynetix software product license agreement.
  • Download and install the latest JavaTM J2EE package from (http://java.sun.com) for the Linux platform. 
  • Unzip the distribution software package you received from Dynetix into a directory of your choice. The install directory path name cannot contain any blank space. 
  • Run the install program that is included in the distribution to install the products and setup user environment variables.
  • Read the V2SimTM and RaceCheckTM user's guide that is included in the distribution, to get familiar with the products. Please spend time to read the product installation and tutorial chapters.
  • Install the product license and start test driving V2SimTM and/or RaceCheckTM with your HDL/ESL designs.

V2SimTM and RaceCheckTM System Requirements

  • Platform: Intel or AMD single- or multi-core severs/workstations.
  • Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v6 or later) or Centose Linux (v6 or later)  
  • System Memory: Minimum 8 GB.
  • Disk Space: 10 MB of disk space to store the JavaTM, V2SimTM and RaceCheckTM program files.








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